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www.TanchoShowa.com Tancho Showa Koi Carp - Koi keeping - Koi Ponds - The .com home of the Tancho Showa Koi


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The Tancho Showa:

If you would like to have your Tancho Showa considered for featuring here please email with a photo.

 The Tancho Showa is a truly stunning Koi variety that falls under the Tancho classification of Koi and is a favourite type of many thousands of enthusiasts, a personal favourite of mine too. Both the Tancho Sanke and Tancho Showa are very close in appearance, both equally desirable and equally cherished by Koi enthusiasts all over the world. A majestic Tancho Showa cruising the depths is a joyous spectacle for any Koi lover, to have one's own is a subject of pride. The Tancho Showa pictured below is a prime example of a high grade, show winning standard fish, I think a picture like this can paint a thousand words, so I will let you let you relish the moment.

The Tancho Showa.

This Beautiful example of this Koi type is one of the most awe inspiring examples I have ever seen, yes there are some beautiful Koi, many stunners but for overall presence and quality this Koi is rather special. This particular Tancho Showa displays a wonderful balance and depth of colour to the balanced markings almost painted upon a beautiful white base, perfectly harmonised with a lovely scale pattern. The balance of markings on the pectoral fins and Caudal fin is fantastic, it is almost as though a magician has gifted this fish with harmony and beauty. We then focus upon the Tancho marking itself, wonderful, deep and rich in colour, perfectly positioned between the eyes and ideal in shape. The Black markings encroach into the Tancho marking making this a fine ' Tancho Showa '.

This particular Fish photo is courtesy of a wonderful friend, the fish is product of one of the Japanese Koi Farm groups we are associated with. We thank you for allowing us to display and use this beautiful example of one of the very best of Japanese Tancho Showa Koi carp in the World.

The Tancho Showa Koi is very similar to the treasured Tancho Sanke but in regards the Tancho Sanke, the black markings or sumi do not intrude into the spot (see below). It is a tough one when deciding upon a favourite Tancho koi, please see TanchoSanke.com and TanchoKoicarp.com for more on the different types of Tancho Koi:


Left: Tancho Sanke - http://www.TanchoSanke.com
Right: Tancho (Tancho Kohaku) - http://TanchoKoiCarp.com

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An informative  e book on the keeping of Koi, click on image for more information.

Do you dream of building your own Koi pond but are unsure about how to do it?


Video compilation on successful Koi keeping.

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Here is ' Angelo ' my OOAK ( One Of A Kind ) Koi Sculptures, he is a an example of the prized Tancho Showa Koi Carp.

More photos of Angelo the unique OOAK Tancho Showa Koi Sculpture and my other Sculptures will be coming soon. If you are interested in having a commisioned piece done of either a Prize and loved Koi or perhaps a special Carp caught in your much loved fishery, please read on.

I will Sculpt your treasured Fish in High grade Polymer Clays to any size up to a maximum of  14 inches in height. I will need Photographs on which to base the work. Prices will vary on individual requirements. Please check back for some of my One Of A Kind Koi Sculptures and limited edition castings, Vases and paintings.

It would be a real honour if you have the time to perhaps visit my Musical Artist page too for some of my Musical creations and compositions under my guise of The Tribe Of The Moon:

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